GTA 5 Street Racing Guide

GTA 5 Street Racing Guide

Here is a small guide on the GTA 5 street racing hobby and pastime. In order to unlock street racing, you must first complete the "Shift Work" mission which is given to you by Hao early in the game (Found as a green question ? mark on the map).

The racing missions are available to Franklin  only (at five different locations marked as a car with a checkered flag next to it) from 20:00 to 5:00. Below are some tips on how to win the races, descriptions, information and more.

Some tips for races

  • If you can't find the next racing mission, Hao will eventually text you about it.
  • Use Franklins driving ability to give you an edge in the races.
  • You can get a large speed boost at the start of the race by pressing gas right when the game says GO. this also works in online races.
  • You can draft by staying close behind an opponent for a speed boost, and then overtaking them quickly.
  • Don't try to shoot your way to victory during the race because it won't work.
  • You can however ram vehicles and knock them off course.
  • Street races are required for 100% completion.

Race 1: South Los Santos
Prize: $450
Entry Fee: $100
Laps: 2

This is a quick and simple race. Just like it was mentioned above, use drafting to get ahead, and use Franklin's ability to cut corners with ease. 

GTA 5 Racing Image

Race 2: City Circut
Prize: $2250
Entry Fee: $500
Laps: 1

This is a tough race which consists of 60 checkpoints around the city which encompasses Vinewood, Rockford Hills, Richman, Morningwood, Vespucci and Little Seoul. Although only one lap is required, this is a long race. The reward is great though. Look for shortcuts during the race, and use Franklin's ability for some narrow roads and sharp turns. Also watch out for traffic near the finish line.

Race 3: Airport
Prize: $4500
Entry Fee: $1000
Laps: 2

This is just a fun race around the airport and Maze Bank Arena in La Puerta. You start with the street racing gang on the Los Santos Internation Airport's east side on Exceptionalists Way facing North. Near the start of the race there is a tricky curve in which you take the freeway exit to the ramp on the right. Make sure you don't overshoot the turn and get divided from the track by heading to the left ramp.

Race 4: Freeway
Prize: $5625
Entry Fee: $1250
Laps: 2

This is a short race around the Olympic Freeway. There is one tricky turn as you exit the freeway and take a sharp left under the overpass. Try using Franklin's special here to help you out. Also, when exiting the freeway, there is a dip which if you're going fast enough could send you over the guardrail, so slow down a bit if you're in a very fast car.

Race 5: Vespucci Canals
Prize: $6750
Entry Fee: $1500
Laps: 2

This is a motorcycle race in the Vespucci beach area.  Since this is a bike race, bumping into others is not advisable. Franklins special ability will really come in handy during this race as well, as there are some really sharp turns to take.

If you have any racing tips for the GTA 5 street races, please post them in the comments below. Thanks for visiting.

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