GTA 5 Arms Trafficking Guide

GTA 5 Arms Trafficking Guide

In GTA 5, the arms trafficking missions become available after completing Trevor's "Nervous Ron" mission. First you must purchase the McKenzie Field Hangar and then you will be able to do both the air and ground trafficking missions for Oscar.

Arms Trafficking Notes:

  • The arms trafficking air missions are performed in the Cuban 800 airplane inside the hangar, and the ground arms trafficking missions are performed in the BF Dune Buggy parked next to the hangar.
  • You will receive $5000 for each ground shipment and $7000 for each air shipment.
  • You also receive a weapon at the end of each successful ground shipment mission.
  • The missions don't end, but there are five unique air and ground trafficking missions.
  • To do another job after completing one, you must travel some distance away from the hangar and return again.

Below the air trafficking missions are covered.

Arms Trafficking Air Mission 1: Arms Drop-Off / No Altitude Restriction

Objective: Deliver arms packages to the drop-off locations.

This mission is pretty simple. Oscar tells you that you need to make a few drop-offs at various locations. Get used to flying low to avoid being detected by the authorities and head to the markers on your map. 

Once over the drop off markers, press A (Xbox 360) or X (PS3) to release the cargo. Note that You get bonus money for accurate drops, so try to slow down a bit, level out and get the drop right.

After you drop off the packages, head back and land the plane at the airfield, then taxi to the hangar fast for a time bonus and to complete the mission. You will make up to $7,250 if you completed the objectives. (You get bonuses for completing the mission within 04:10 and for no misses in the drop zones.

Arms Trafficking Air Mission 2: Arms Drop-Off / Altitude Restriction

For this mission, you are required to stay below the altitude limit marked as a horizontal hash mark on your radar. Drop off the packages at the three drop-off points and then land back at the airfield to complete this mission.

You can get a $125 low altitude, accurate drop and a time bonus on this mission.

Arms Trafficking Air Mission 3: Bomb Drop / No Altitude Restriction

For this mission you must bomb the competition. The plane is rigged with bombs, and your mission is to drop them on the four rival drop sites. You don't have to worry about getting detected by authorities in this mission, so you can fly a bit higher to get a better view and to use the bomb-guiding feature.

After you destroy all four targets, land back at the airfield to complete this mission.

You will get a bonus for accuracy and completing the mission within 06:00.

Arms Trafficking Air Mission 4: Bomb Drop On Train & Boat

This mission has two moving targets that you must hit, one is a train and the other is a boat. Get some altitude and use the bomb-guiding feature to bomb the targets. Complete the mission by landing back at the airfield and taxiing into the hangar. You will get a bonus for accuracy and a time bonus for completing the mission within 04:30

Arms Trafficking Air Mission 5: Carpet Bombing

In this mission you will need to fly to the competing arms runner's base and carpet bomb the groups of enemy vehicles. You have four cluster bombs to complete the mission. Once again, land back at the airfield and taxi to the hangar quick for a time bonus. You get an accuracy bonus for hitting your targets dead on as well.

If you have any GTA 5 arms trafficking tips please post them in the comments below.

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