GTA 5 Letter Scraps Locations Guide

GTA V Letter Scraps Locations Guide

Here are all the locations of the Letter Scraps in GTA 5. There are a total of 50 confession letters to collect.

Once you find all 50 letter scraps and pick them up, you will unlock the following achievement / trophy: (Collecting all 50 is also required for 100% game completion)

"A Mystery Solved" (15 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy) - Solve the mystery of Leonora Johnson.

Notes & Tips:

  • You should start collecting the letter scraps in this guide from the north-most part of the map in Blaine County and move down.
  • Try to have the map uncovered before you start looking for these as it will help a lot with finding the exact locations.
  • The letter scraps appear as white glowing pieces of paper. Once you pick them up, the game will notify you that you have collected a scrap with a "Scrap collected" message

Here's a collectibles map that shows the locations of all the letter scraps:

GTA 5 Collectibles Map

And here's the video guide for finding all 50 letter scraps:

Once you've collected all 50 letter scraps, you can read the pages of the letter and find out who the Killer of Leonora Johnson is. This will begin the last part of this quest, "the "A Starlet in Vinewood" mission.

At this point you should switch to Franklin and the mission will unlock showing you the killer's location. Once you completed the mission, you will get the achievement / trophy.

If you have any hints or tips for finding letter scraps in GTA V, please post them in the comments below. Thanks for visiting.

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