GTA 5 Hunting Guide

GTA 5 Hunting Guide

Hunting in GTA 5 is exclusive to Trevor and is unlocked after completing Cletus' mission, "Fair Game." You can initiate hunting at the Hunting Trailer in Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. Check out the full guide below.

Some notes and tips

  • Hunting can be done any day from dawn to dusk.
  • While hunting, shooting animals will not alert the cops and raise your wanted level.
  • Hunting is marked by a deer icon on your map.
  • To start, approach the RV and press right on the D-pad to enter, change into your hunting clothes and begin.
  • There is a Dune Buggy parked near the trailer if you want to move to a different spot.
  • To use the elk call, press left on the D-Pad. 
  • To quit hunting, press right on the D-pad and then confirm your choice.
  • Remember to stay downwind or the animals will smell you and run away.
  • Also remember to use sneak and silenced weapons while hunting.

Hunting Challenge

Once you make a kill, text a picture of the kill to Cletus and he will comment on the quality of your hunt and then reward you with hunting challenge points. The Nature Photographer challenge opens up after you send your first picture to Cletus. (Pull up your phone, open the camera app, take a photo of your kill and then after hitting the Send Photos button, scroll down to Cletus in your contacts list and confirm your choice to send him the photo.

Cleus will send you a score after he has seen the photo. He judges your photo based on:
  • The animal you've killed
  • The quality of the shot (the location of the bullet, there is a heart shot which is worth the most points, the other shots are listed at the bottom of this page in the Hunting Rewards System section.)
Note that there are also Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for the hunting game.

Hunting Medals

When you take photos of kills and text them to Cletus, you earn award points. As these points accumulate, you will earn medals for your hunting session. Gold is 90 points, Silver is 60 points and Bronze is 30 points.

Hunting Challenges

To start Hunting Challenges, first pause the game and enter the Mission Brief. There are three challenge categories: Weapon Master, Nature Photographer and Master Hunter.

Weapon Master Challenge:
  • Rank 1: Kill a coyote with a Shotgun.
  • Rank 2: Run over a boar.
  • Rank 3: Kill a mountain lion with a Grenade.
  • Rank 4: Kill an elk without looking through the scope.
  • Rank 5: Kill a bird with a Sniper Rifle.
Nature Photographer Challenge:
  • Rank 1: Take a photo of a spooked elk corpse.
  • Rank 2: Take a photo of 2 elk corpses.
  • Rank 3: Take a photo of a boar and coyote corpses.
  • Rank 4: Take a photo of an elk corpse and a charging cougar.
  • Rank 5: Take a photo of elk, cougar, boar and coyote corpses.
  • To take a photo of a spooked elk, just simply kill an elk after it becomes aware of you, and then take the picture.
  • For the challenges which require more than one animal or multiple animal types, you can move animals into one photo together by shooting them or nudging them into frame. 
  • You can use explosives or RPGs to take out multiple animals at once.
Master Hunter Challenge:
  • Rank 1: Kill an elk with a heart shot.
  • Rank 2: Kill 2 elk in a row without a call.
  • Rank 3: Kill 3 elk in a row undetected.
  • Rank 4: Kill 5 elk within 4 minutes.
  • Rank 5: Kill 5 elk in a row with heart shots.

Here are the points and monetary awards you get for each target and the type of shot you make.

TargetPoints$ Award
Mountain Lion5$25
Spooked Animal1$50
Road Kill1$5
Humans5$0 (Hunting Fails)
Heart Shot10$100
Head Shot5$50
Neck Shot7$75
Rear Shot2$50
Leg Shot1$50

Money values based on how the animal was killed:

Type of Animal Kill - % of Base $ Kill Award
Melee - 50%
Pistol - 100%
SMG - 75%
Rifle - 100%
Machine Gun - 25%
Sniper - 100%
Heavy Weapon - 10%
Thrown Projectile - 10%

If you have any GTA 5 hunting hints, tips or tricks, or have a question / comment, please post it in the comments below. Thanks for visiting.

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