Making Money in GTA Online

Making Money in GTA Online

Here are a few tips on how to make money in GTA 5 Online. Learn how to make cash early in the game.

  • Selling Cars - You can sell cars in LS customs. (Drive the car inside, then scroll down to Sell Car)They will pay different prices depending on the vehicle, however, you cannot sell premium cars. (Example: Infernus, Carbinozzare, and other high end vehicles.)

    Try to find cars that are just below high end and sell them for quick cash. Update: Here is the full list of cars you can sell and their prices, in order from most expensive.

  • Missions from Martin - Call up Martin on your phone and keep requesting missions until you get an assassination mission (lawyer, witness, etc.) These missions are easy and take very little time to complete. They reward $4000 - $5,000 a bunch of RP every time.  (Note: These missions are unlocked after rank 22.)
  • List of all the missions: Check out the new GTA Online Jobs / Missions List for a full list of jobs, their payouts, RP, tips and more sorted by highest payout first. Use this list to skip missions that have low payouts.
GTA Online Liquor Stores Tip
  • Robbing liquor stores - Just like in single player, you can rob convenience stores which are labeled on the map. There are more stores online than in single player and you can get from $1000-$2000 per robbery. Be aware though that the cops online are even more difficult to evade, so be prepared.

    A good tip would be to buy a mask before you stick up the store, then once you run out, break line of sight with the police, take off your mask, and you should lose a star. Also remember to deposit the cash using your phone (maze bank website) you make after every robbery.

  • A few other ways to make money - Gang attacks (each gang war / attack can net you around $1000 to $2000 as well as weapons and other cash laying on the ground), package drops (special packages can have up to $5000 5000 RP, a mini gun, and body armor.

    Regular packages can have around $1000, RP, weapons, ammo, etc.) , armored vans (can have up to $11,000 use a sticky bomb on the doors to get the cash, get ready to outrun a 3 star wanted level.) Also doing a bunch of races in a row can net you a good amount of cash too, but only if you keep winning or betting correctly.

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