Witcher 2 Weapons, Armor and Items Guide

Witcher 2 Weapons, Armor and Items guide by blue_devil_99.

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About this Guide

This guide provides statistics and locations of weapons, armor, and other usable items in the Witcher 2. This is not an exhaustive list of weapons and armor in the game; rather, the focus is on acquiring the strongest possible weapons as early as possible in each Chapter. Except in special cases, I will not bother with gloves or boots as these items contribute so little to Geralt's statistics.

Items are listed in outline form. Somewhat oddly, item statistics vary slightly from game to game. To test this, make a save just outside the NPC's house where you turn in a set of notes to get the Gwyhyr sword in Act 2. Reload several times and turn in the notes: you will find the sword's base stun chance varies from 5 to 9% (the bleed percentage varies as well). So please treat the item stats listed here as a rough guide.

Naturally, many of the best items are quest rewards. To keep things as spoiler-free as possible the guide lists the name of the quest and, if the quest has multiple endings, a brief description of the conditions under which Geralt receives the item. These descriptions are deliberately vague so as not to give away quest details, but you should know what to do when you get there. Detailed walkthroughs for these quests are NOT provided here.


That said, some general spoilers, such as the fact that the storyline branches dramatically depending on who Geralt chooses as his allies, is unavoidable. At the very least, Geralt's decisions will impact when certain items become available, and some items may not be attainable at all. As in the game guide, this guide refers to two major NPCs by name and identifies 's path as the story when Geralt chooses to ally with that NPC early in the game. If you really do not want to know these two names (they should be apparent pretty early on) please stop reading.

Two other exceptions: A couple of the most powerful end-game items involve completing quests and/or collecting appropriate items from earlier Chapters. Brief descriptions of how to get these hard-to-obtain items are provided at the end of the guide. Also, at the beginning of each Chapter's section I provide a brief overview of what you will need to do to get the best equipment as quickly as possible. Again, this is kept as spoiler-free as possible.

As of this writing, I have been unable to get the Troll Trouble DLC to work, so the item listing for Chapter 1 is incomplete. I have added one armor I know to come from that quest.

Brief Notes on weapon and armor properties

Many weapons offer critical effects such as bleed, poison, incinerate, and stun in addition to base damage. Stun is the best of these as a stunned enemy is helpless and will die automatically when hit. Unfortunately the stun effect is rare and most weapons that have it have a very low base chance.

Incinerate is my next favorite. Incinerated enemies take damage over time and will occasionally stop fighting and try to put themselves out. For this reason I highly recommend fire runes (see Runes and Enhancements section).