Witcher 2 Weapons, Armor and Items Guide: Chapter 3 Items

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Chapter 3 Weapons, Armor and Items

Chapter 3 has all sorts of endgame goodies. Unlike Chapter 2, Geralt always starts Chapter 3 in the same location, though the path he takes from there differs. A very nice silver sword is waiting for you right at the beginning, and another (that comes with a cool monologue from Geralt) is a quest reward attainable less than an hour in.

Three items (a silver sword, a steel sword, and a set of armor) get their own section at the end of the guide as they require completing quests and/or gathering items from previous chapters. The only problem is, depending on how you've gotten here, your steel sword options can be rather limited. I'll list a couple for the sake of completeness, but do yourself a favor and make sure you get Caerme (see Quest and Item Help section).

Deithwen (Silver Sword)
  • Damage: 44-48
  • Rune Slots: 3
  • +25% damage against large creatures
  • +25% damage against gargoyles
  • Acquired: Found in valley opposite Order Camp at beginning of chapter
  • The devs give us a nice break here. Shortly after the chapter begins, Geralt has a conversation and ends up facing the Order camp. Turn around 180 degrees and walk down a narrow straight valley. The sword is on a pile of bones in a clearing at the end of the valley.
  • Unfortunately you get ambushed by 2 Arachas in the valley.
  • While not the best statistically, this may be the best silver sword for Chapter 3 due to its damage bonuses

Novigradan Sword
  • Damage: 36-40
  • Rune Slots: 2
  • +50 Damage reduction on block
  • +14% Vigor regeneration during combat
  • Acquired: Buyable (1.3k orens) from both weapons merchants in Loc Muine
  • One of a few options for folks that miss Caerme ingredients
  • Vigor regen on weapons is pretty rare and nice for mages
  • Several other comparable swords available from merchants, Short Elven Sihil is slightly higher damage but lacks vigor regen

Ceremonial Sword of Deithwen (Steel Sword)
  • Damage: 36-45
  • Rune Slots: 1
  • 26% Bleed
  • Acquired: Craftable, buy schematic from circus merchant in Amphitheatre area
  • Ok, at least this is an upgrade from the Act 2 steel swords
  • Requires an Archanas armor to craft. Presumably you've killed several by now and they're a common drop, but it is possible you don't have one (and they weigh 2 pounds)
  • Only one rune slot is a serious downside but at least this looks kinda cool

Addan Deith
  • Damage: ?
  • Rune Slots: 3
  • 38% Bleed, 2% Instant Kill
  • +4% Damage to Wraiths
  • +2 Adrenaline Generated on Hit
  • Acquired: Found in chest during Gargoyle Contract sidequest
  • Slightly better than Deithwen stat-wise
  • However, Deithwen is possibly better in Chapter 3 due to its bonuses against certain enemy types
  • Note that adrenaline generation bonus only applies after Combat Acumen
  • Quest hint: The four runes always represent Sky (square with slash), Animal (snake-like S symbol), Time (hourglass), and Art or Music (looks like a harp). The order can be deduced from reading a note on a stand in the same room. The rune identities are given in four books sold by the craftsman in Loc Muine.
  • Geralt does a pretty cool monologue when you get this

  • Damage: 50-58
  • Rune Slots: 2
  • +2 to Vitality Regeneration
  • +4 to Blade Oil duration
  • 4% Instant Kill
  • Acquired: Craftable, schematic quest reward from Gargoyle Contract sidequest
  • Requires missable items from Chapters 1 and 2, see 'Quest and Item Help' section
  • In a nutshell, you need a magical manuscript acquired during the Gargoyle Contract sidequest AND you must have brought Queen endrega Pheromones, Nekker Warrior Blood, Necrophage Skin, and one of a Harpy's Egg or Rotfiend Tongue with you. The first two of these cannot be found in Chapter 3.
  • Easily the best steel sword in the game (though see Operator's Staff)

  • Damage: 45-50
  • Rune Slots: 3
  • 35% Bleed, 1% Instant Kill
  • +4% Damage to Wraiths, Large Monsters, Gargoyles, Insectoids, Necrophages
  • +10 to Sign Damage
  • Acquired: Craftable, schematic buyable from craftsman in Loc Muine, requires Dragon Scale
Special Note: If you're a mage and miss the dragon scale, the amphitheater
merchant sells a Superb Blue Meteorite sword diagram, also with +10 Sign Damage

  • Best silver sword for mage builds due to sign damage bonus and stats
  • Depending on what path you follow, the Dragon Scale can be difficult to obtain. See 'Quest and Item Help' section.
  • In a nutshell, if you're following Roche's path, you need to have progressed far enough in the 'Little Sisters' quest in Act 2 to find a set of magical notes, activating the 'From a Bygone Era' quest. You then need to complete this quest in Act 3 and kill the Operator at the end.
  • Also requires 16x Silver Ore and 3x Yellow Meteorite Ore, so you may wish to stock up beforehand
  • Just in case, diagram for Yellow Meteorite Ore sold by amphitheatre merchant

Forgotten Vran Sword (Steel Sword)
  • Damage: 50-55
  • Rune Slots: 3
  • 20% Freeze
  • +1 Vigor, +2 to Vitality Regeneration
  • 2% Instant Kill
  • Acquired: Locked Safe in a certain Gargamel-like sorceror's quarters in the Kaedwani camp
  • Roche's path only; must choose to help Roche at a certain point in the plot.
  • - Best steel sword in the game. Sacrifices a few points max damage compared to Caerme for the powerful Freeze effect, Vigor bonus, and an extra rune slot.
  • With 3 Fire Runes, better damage than upgraded Caerme, and as good for Critical Effects builds as the Operator's Staff. This is just awesome.

Operator's Staff
  • Damage: 40-60
  • Rune Slots: NONE
  • 80% Incinerate, 10% Freeze, 4% Stun
  • Acquired: Looted from NPC at end of From a Bygone Era sidequest
  • Possibly better than Caerme for +crit builds
  • While using this weapon, quick attacks no longer 'home in' on enemies
  • However the staff hits in a wide arc, making it quite effective with Whirl
  • Unique and distinctive, arguably the one non-sword weapon worth using, mage builds may like this for its looks

Armor of Ysgith
  • Damage Reduction: +26
  • Rune Slots: 3
  • 50% Magic Damage reduced
  • +60% Resistance to Bleed, Poison, Incinerate
  • +15% Vigor Regen in Combat
  • +1 Vigor
  • Acquired: Buyable from mage merchant/crafsman in Loc Muine
  • Best armor in the game for mage builds due to Vigor bonuses
  • For that matter, very nearly as good as Varn Armor for everyone else, and trivial to acquire
  • Features prominent spikes, some may really like the look while others won't

Varn Armor
  • Damage Reduction: +30
  • Rune Slots: 3
  • 70% Resistance to Bleed, Poison, Incinerate
  • Acquired: Craftable, schematic in LOCKED chest in Loc Muine sewers
  • Best armor in the game for non-mages
  • Schematic is in a locked chest, key obtained through Mystic River quest in Chapters 1 and 2. See 'Quest and Item Help' section.
  • Crafting also requires Robust Cloth and Studded Leather, see 'Crafting' section

Elder Blood accessories (Gloves, Boots, Trousers)
  • Acquired: Craftable, get schematics during Gargoyle Contract sidequest
  • I won't bother listing stats; they're an upgrade over what you've got to this point but still negligible compared to bonuses from chest pieces.