Witcher 2 Weapons, Armor and Items Guide: Chapter 2 Items

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Chapter 2 Weapons, Armor and Items

Arguably the second-best silver swords you can get here are craftable immediately on starting the chapter. For Roche's path, a great steel sword, armor, and caster's gloves can be found with a little exploration almost immediately.

For Iorveth's path you can buy probably the best armor in the chapter right away; you will also eventually end up with a better steel sword, plus have access to almost all of the good items from the other path later on.

Bomb- or Trap- reliant Alchemy characters may wish to follow Iorveth's path as two armors that boost bomb and trap damage are not available on Roche's path. Mages may wish to follow Roche's path for access to +sign damage items.

As an aside, let me save you some time: don't bother with the Draug armor schematic. The devs cruelly dangle this in front of you by putting it on merchants at the beginning of the chapter, but you won't be able to make it until Chapter 3 and better armors are available then.

Robust Witcher's Meteorite Ore Sword (Silver Sword)
  • Damage: 30-33
  • Rune Slots: 2
  • +7 to Sign Damage (blue)
  • 1% Instant Kill (red)
  • +2 to Adrenaline generated on hit (yellow)
  • Acquired: Craftable, buy schematic from quartermaster (Roche's path) or craftsman near Philipa's house (Iorveth's path)
  • Comes in 3 colors (blue, yellow, red), requires 2 meteorite ore of the appropriate color
  • Meteorite ore is scattered all over the place in houses/tents
  • Requires 8 Silver Ore, you may want to stock up before leaving Chapter 1
  • Obviously pick color based on your build
  • Note: Adrenaline generation bonus only works after you get Combat Acumen

Arbitrator (Steel Sword)
  • Damage: 29-33
  • Rune Slots: 2
  • 13% Bleed, 4% Stun
  • Acquired: Found in a shallow pool near Visionary's hut, guarded by Arachas
  • For Roche's path, you can get this sword as soon as you leave the army camp, almost the very beginning of the chapter. It is in a location you'll visit eventually for a quest, but you can go there right away.
  • To get to the sword, go out the front door of the army camp, make a hard left and follow the stake line all the way to the corner. You should see a passage in the cliffs leading to an area with corpses and Rotfiends. Take the right-hand path from this area and keep right until you reach a forested area with a bunch of endregas. In the back right of this area you'll encounter an Arachas (similar to the endrega Queens of Chapter 1) guarding an area with two shallow pools. The sword is in the far pool.
  • For Iorveth's path, the sword can be found in the same location much later in the chapter

Sword of the Dun Banner
  • Damage: 26-33
  • Rune Slots: 3
  • 20 Damage Reduced on Block
  • 10% Knockdown
  • Acquired: Dwarven Catacombs during Death Symbolized Quest
  • I prefer this to Arbitrator due to the 3 rune slots, though the knockdown effect never worked for me. 3 Fire Runes on this sword is awesome, especially for a Critical Effects build character.
  • To get the sword, you must fool a wraith by answering questions correctly about the battles of Brenna and Vergen. You can get the answers by discussing the battles with NPCs who fought in them. The first few answers are: You got it wrong, Manno Coehorn, He died, Setkirk and Vandergrift.
  • Talking to the wraith is a story quest; you'll do it eventually for sure 
  • Incorrect answers cause the wraith to attack, after which you can complete the quest but will not receive the sword
  • For Iorveth's path, this quest is doable almost immediately after arriving at Vergen, might as well do it early on
  • For Roche's path, you complete this quest much later in the chapter, so get Arbitrator first

Princess Xenthia Sword
  • Damage: 31-35, 
  • 1 rune slot
  • poison +10
  • bleed +20 
  • Acquired: You can get it immediately in chapter 2. Just play dice against Skalen Burdon (the guy that leads you to your room) until you win once. Play him again for another quest item. (Thanks to the anonymous comment for this addition.)
  • It's the best steel sword until Gwyhyr. 

Gwyhyr (Steel Sword)
  • Damage: 30-40
  • Rune Slots: 3
  • +20 Vitality, 30 Damage Reduced on Block
  • 19% Bleed, 9% Stun
  • Acquired: Baltimore's Nightmare Quest, must return notes to Vergen at end
  • Iorveth's path only; quest available midway through the chapter after obtaining dream crystals
  • Easily the best weapon period up to this point in the game. Stun effect is an instant kill on enemies.
  • See 'Baltimore's Nightmare Quest' section at the end of this guide

Blood Sword
  • Damage: 32-36
  • Rune Slots: 3
  • 53% Bleed
  • Acquired: Found in Chest in Dwarven mine tunnels
  • Roche's path only; found late in the chapter when meeting a friend in tunnels below Vergen
  • In the far lower right room on the map, guarded by Bullvore and Greater Rotfiend
  • Marginal upgrade over the Meteorite sword you've probably been using all chapter, but the 3rd rune slot is nice

Negotiator (Silver Sword]
  • Damage: 19-25
  • Rune Slots: 2
  • +30 Vitality
  • 20% Bleed, 20% Freeze
  • Acquired: On both paths, late in the chapter as a part of the story
  • Cruddy damage, but notable due to the Freeze effect, which slows enemies and leaves them vulnerable to shatter (instant kill) on a strong attack
  • Acquired at a similar point late in the Chapter on both paths
  • For Iorveth's path this is a reward for a main story quest
  • For Roche's path it is looted off an important NPC late in the chapter

Armor of Ban Ard
  • Damage Reduction: +16
  • Rune Slots: 2
  • +40 Vitality, +2% Magic damage reduced
  • +22% Resistance to Bleed, Incinerate, Poison
  • Acquired: Found in caves beneath army camp
  • For Roche's path, you can go get this armor immediately after starting the chapter (and a pretty big upgrade from the Chapter 1 Armors)
  • From the upper camp, turn right at the arena and go straight ahead to the door, exit the camp, the caves are right past where you find Oodrin
  • Turn left on entering the caves, fight past some Rotfiends, look for an iron grate on your right, jump over a gap
  • The armor is on the ground in an area guarded by a Golem
  • You pass through this area later on Iorveth's path but will probably have armor that's as good or better by then

Dragonscale Armor
  • Damage Reduction: +17
  • Rune Slots: 3
  • +50 Vitality, +10% Reduced magic damage
  • +40% Resistances to Bleed, Incinerate, Poison
  • +50% Damage multiplier on traps
  • Acquired: Buy from craftsman/merchant in Vergen just inside outer gates
  • Iorveth's path only; maybe the best armor in Act 2 and buyable at the start of the chapter from craftsman/merchant just inside Vergen outer gates
  • Price is 2.8k orens with haggling skill. Orens are easily farmed near Vergen; see the "Farming" section of this FAQ.

Thyssen's Armor
  • Damage Reduction: +15
  • Rune Slots: 2
  • +2% Reduced magic damage
  • +27% Resistances to Bleed, Incinerate, Poison
  • +50% Bomb damage bonus
  • Acquired: With Flickering Heart Sidequest, must have done autopsy and sided with 'female' NPC
  • Iorveth's path only; obviously inferior to Dragonscale armor.
  • - Bomb damage bonus is quite powerful, however, especially in combination with
  • the Alchemist ability.

Zirael's Armor
  • Damage Reduction: +17
  • Rune Slots: 3
  • +30 Vitality, +15% Reduced magic damage
  • +37% Resistances to Bleed, Incinerate, Poison
  • +7 to Sign Damage
  • Acquired: Automatically as part of story quest
  • Roche's path only; acquired midway through the chapter from and NPC as a part of the main story quest
  • You get this immediately before crossing the mist for Vergen, it's easy to miss it in your inventory
  • For non mages, not much better than Bad Ard armor, then again Diamond Armor Enhancements are pretty cheap

Armor of Loc Muine
  • Damage Reduction: +18
  • Rune Slots: 2
  • +10% Reduced magic damage
  • +22% Resistance to Bleed, Poison, Incinerate
  • +10% Vigor Regeneration in Combat
  • Acquired: Iorveth's path, looted off NPC foe late in chapter
  • Iorveth's path only; Geralt is captured briefly by enemies in the army camp late in the chapter as a part of the story quest
  • Immediately after fighting and killing his captors, an NPC will ask Geralt if he wants to go on, you need to tell this NPC to wait and search the bodies
  • Compared to Dragonscale Armor, slightly better DR but less resistances and Vitality, and you get it so late it's hardly worth upgrading. Still, mage characters following Iorveth's path might wear it for the Vigor Regen since they miss the +sign damage armor above.

Mage's Gloves
  • Damage Reduction: +0
  • +10% Reduced magic damage
  • +5 to Sign Damage
  • Acquired: Found in hidden ravine outside army camp
  • Can be found in the same place on both paths. For Roche's path you can get it right at the beginning of the chapter. For Iorveth's path you have to wait until you cross the mists later on in the chapter.
  • From camp's front door, go straight and hang a left after crossing the small footbridge (brothel tents are on the right). Pass by a downed wagon with two corpses guarded by 3 Rotfiends. Follow the path straight and look carefully for a place to drop down into the ravine on your right.
  • Geralt's medallion will vibrate; the gloves are guarded by an Arachas
  • No DR, but notable for their bonus to sign damage, this is just a bit better than another Moon Rune. Great for mages obviously.