Witcher 2 Weapons, Armor and Items Guide: Chapter 1 Items

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Chapter 1 Weapons, Armor and Items

The best swords in Chapter 1 can be acquired immediately after arriving in Flotsam. Go to the notice board and acquire both monster contacts. Forge the basic Witcher's SilverSword and head to the woods outside Lobinden. You may want to do the Indecent Proposal quest first to obtain some free starter armor (see below).

Jagged Blade (Steel Sword)
  • Damage: 20-25
  • Rune Slots: 2
  • Effects: Bleed +19%
  • Acquired: Craftable, buy Schematic from dwarf craftsman in Flotsam
  • Requires 15 endrega teeth; these can be farmed from the insect-like endrega that spawn in the forest outside Flotsam (more spawn in the day for me).
  • The two rune slots and early attainability make this sword a beast. Add two fire runes ASAP and this will tear through human enemies through the early part of Chapter 2. (See Runes section)

Witcher's Superb Silver Sword
  • Damage: 17-25
  • Rune Slots: 1
  • 12% Bleed
  • +1 Adrenaline on hitting foes
  • Acquired: Craftable, schematic reward from endrega Contract quest
  • Conveniently, you can farm teeth for the jagged blade while doing the quest that gets you this sword.
  • Quest hints: buy the book on endregas from the bookstore (across from the dwarf craftsman in Flotsam). If you're looking for where to obtain the award, simply open your journal and select this as the active quest

Robust Cutlass

  • Damage: 15-21
  • Rune Slots: 1
  • 22% Bleed, 22% Poison
  • Acquired: Ruined Asylum, Claws of Madness sidequest

  • Found in lower level room after second wraith fight
  • Decent alternative if you don't feel like farming Endrega teeth
  • Wraiths can be a challenge at this level. Come prepared and if possible bring the Superb Silver Sword.
  • Note the destructible wall in the hallway immediately following this room-free fire rune!

Superb Cutlass

  • Damage: 16-23
  • Rune Slots: 2
  • 16% Bleed, 22% Poison
  • Acquired: Chest in swamp hut

  • The hut is located in the southeast corner of the swamp area past the ruined Troll's bridge
  • The hut is locked by default. You obtain the key through the Troll Trouble sidequest.
  • You must choose to help the troll in order to obtain the key; loot it off the body of an NPC in the cemetery outside Lobinden.
  • Attaining this requires two fights against 4-5 human opponents. Farming Endrega teeth seemed easier to me, but it's good to have choices, right'.

Astrogus's Armor
  • Damage Reduction: +7
  • Rune Slots: 1
  • +30 Vitality
  • 2% Magic damage reduced
  • +14% Resistance to Bleed, Poison
  • Acquired: Commandant's manor storage, during Indecent Proposal Quest

  • You get the Indecent Proposal quest automatically on arrival in Flotsam
  • The armor is in a chest in a storage area behind the manor past the area where you sneak up to a window. You miss it if caught by guards.
  • It's listed here because it's free and you can get it very early with no combat. You get a second chance to get it later on if you follow a certain story path, but you'll have better stuff by then.

Hunter's Armor
  • Damage Reduction: +10
  • Rune Slots: 3
  • 3% Magic damage Reduced
  • 30% Resistance to Bleed, Incinerate, Poison
  • Acquired: Craftable, schematic reward from bridge Troll

  • Available shortly after arriving in Flotsam, with minimal combat required
  • 3 rune slots make this awesome. Buy the schematic for Diamond Armor Reinforcements from the craftsman in Lobinden and plug in 3 for +16 armor. This makes the rest of Chapter 1 a breeze.
  • The Troll Trouble sidequest (free DLC) should be doable on arrival in Flotsam (check the notice board). This is not formally part of the quest, but acquiring the quest will mark the troll's location on your map.
  • After speaking with the troll, talk to Zoltan at the inn. You need to win a certain item from the craftsman in Lobinden.
  • To get the item you need to complete the Dice Poker quest for Flotsam. First play the gamblers on the lower level of the inn, then the dwarf bookstore owner (door across from the dwarf craftsman), then the craftsman in Lobinden.
  • When you win, choose 'I hear you make traps...', choose the item as a reward, and return it to the troll.

Kayran Skin Armor
  • Damage Reduction: +9
  • Rune Slots: 3
  • +30 Vitality
  • 5% Magic damage reduced
  • 30% Resistance to Bleed, Incinerate, Poison
  • Acquired: Craftable, receive schematic and skin from Kayran Boss
  • 3 rune slots make this awesome. Buy the schematic for Diamond Armor
  • Reinforcements from the craftsman in Lobinden and plug in 3 for +15 armor. Unfortunately the recipe calls for Robust Cloth and Hardened leather, which can be annoying (see Crafting section.)
  • One of very few armors to have a hood. Some may dislike or even choose to forego this armor due to the look; others may really like it.
  • Unfortunately, this armor ends up outclassed by the Hunter Armor as it is available much later in the Chapter and is expensive to craft.