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Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Trailer

Civilization: Beyond Earth Footage

Here's 50 minutes of Civilization: Beyond Earth footage. The video shows a "Choose your own adventure" seeded start with Pete Murray and Beyond Earth Co-Lead Designer, David McDonough who go over the bonuses and perks included in the unique seeded-start.

Dark Souls 2 - Crown of the Old Iron King DLC Entrance

The latest Dark Souls 2 DLC "Crown of the Old Iron King" is almost here. It is a large 1 gig patch that adds the second DLC of the game which includes a large new area, many new items, and gameplay changes. The entrance to the DLC is located by the Old Iron King Primal Bonfire. (Go to the third bonfire at the Iron Keep (Eygil's Idol) and run past the boss area to find the entrance through a doorway. The door to the DLC itself should open tomorrow when the DLC is officially launched.) Below is a video showing how to get there.

Destiny - Launch Trailer

Here's the official launch gameplay trailer for Bungie's persistent online shooter Destiny.

The Crew Trailer

Here's a new The Crew trailer that shows the vastness of the game world. Also, the second PC closed beta test will begin on August 25th, to sign up, visit

Fortnite Footage

Some new gameplay footage showing the defense of a fort in Fortnite, the upcoming zombie survival game. You can sign up for the alpha over at

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 35 Minute Gameplay Demo

GTA Online - San Andreas Flight School Update Patch Notes

The free San Andreas Flight School Update for GTA 5 Online is finally available... It includes new patriotic parachutes, militiary / air force clothes, jets, helicopters, classic sports cars as well as bunch of great gameplay updates like increased payouts for tougher missions! Below is the full announcement and patch notes from Rockstar. For a list of previous GTA 5 and GTA Online patches and updates, click here.

Planetside 2 PS4 Footage

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