Starcraft 2 Insane AI Rushing Guide: Protoss vs Insane Terran AI or Insane Protoss AI

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Protoss vs Insane Terrain AI or Insane Protoss AI
Terran vs Insane Zerg AI
Zerg vs Insane Zerg AI
Zerg Suicide Rush vs Insane Zerg AI or Insane Terran AI

Protoss vs Insane Terran AI or Insane Protoss AI

(A similar strategy can be used against insane zerg and may even be easier
against the zerg as they seem to be slightly slower in producing their military
units as they usually focus on making roaches, however zerg may take longer for
you to defeat because you can't build your structures on their creep and may
have to build a gateway and send in zealots to finish off their base, although
attacking the zerg hatchery with your probe will sometimes convince the AI to
surrender sooner if you've done enough damage to the zerg base with your

- At 8 supply used be ready to send your 8th probe to the enemy base as soon as
it comes out of your Nexus (produce another two probes right after the 8th
probe is produced so you will have 10/10 supply used before your probe arrives
at the enemy base)

- Make your first pylon at enemy base just above the ramp as soon as your probe

- After pylon warps in immediately start warping in a forge next to the pylon

- Keep producing probes and using chrono boost on your Nexus until you have 20
probes harvesting minerals.

- As the forge is close to finished warping in
cancel production of probes as necessary to ensure you have at least 150
minerals for your first photon cannon.

- After forge warps in immediately warp in a photon cannon near pylon (two if
you have enough minerals)

- Keep creeping cannons and pylons towards enemy base until the enemy

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