Starcraft 2 Insane AI Rushing Guide

Starcraft 2 Insane AI Rushing Guide by James Hague; aka Jimmy; aka Cyberjvh.

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Protoss vs Insane Terrain AI or Insane Protoss AI
Terran vs Insane Zerg AI
Zerg vs Insane Zerg AI
Zerg Suicide Rush vs Insane Zerg AI or Insane Terran AI

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: It appears that with patch 1.1 the insane AI now deals
with rush strategies differently which makes most of the below mentioned
strategies useless against insane AI.

However, they should all still work fine against very hard difficulty or less.
The Zerg suicide rush strategy still seems to work as described below. And as
I've come to find it seems that this type of suicide strategy is commonly
reffered to as a "cheese" strategy or "cheesing."

Also, my Zerg vs Insane Zerg AI strategy may still work but it appears there is
no longer a chance at building the spine crawlers quickly enough that the enemy
workers will stop attacking and thus in order for this strategy to work you
would have to follow the directions listed with the "Alternate possibility
strategy" provided, however I have not tested this with patch 1.1 and it is
possible that even with the alternate possibility directions this strategy may
not work anymore. However, considering how the Zerg suicide rush strategy is
much less complicated and still works it is probably best to just use that
strategy when fighting insane Terran or Zerg AI.

Useful Information

Practicing these strategies:

You may want to practice each method by playing through "Versus A.I." in the
Single Player category so you can pause the game in between reading my
directions. However, you can only get the Crusher achievements through "Create
a Game" in the multiplayer category but can't pause the game this way. So if
you want your practice to count for achievements in multiplayer you could set
the game to run on slow speed but this might not be as convenient as being able
to pause so you can take your time reading and then play with the game running
at a faster speed when you're actually playing.

Achievement info:

I'm sure this guide isn't perfect but it should be pretty helpful for anyone
who wants to get the Insane AI Crusher achievement. Even the AI on insane
difficulty isn't as resourceful as a human can be and taking advantage of the
limits of the AI can make getting the Crusher achievements a whole lot easier
and quicker. Just make sure you create your games through "Create a Game" in
the Multiplayer category as this is the only way to get credit for the Crusher

Keep in mind the AI specific Crusher achievements are for 1v1 solo play so
doing cooperative play or working on the Outmatched achievements will not count
for the Crusher achievements that are based on AI difficulty. If you do try to
get the Crusher achievements I recommend going straight for Insane AI crusher
as any wins you get against the insane AI will also count as wins against the
lower difficulty AIs.

If you want to get the Medium AI crusher achievement you may want to use random
for your race selection because the medium Crusher achievement requires winning
at least 100 matches with your race set to random. The medium AI Crusher
achievement also requires 100 victories using each race so medium Crusher
requires playing a lot more games than any of the harder difficulties. For
example, if you get 100 victories using random race against insane AI with 34
wins as Terran, 33 wins as Zerg, and 33 as Protoss you will get the achievement
for completing 100 victories as random against medium AI but will still need to
complete 66 more wins as Terran, 67 more wins as Zerg, and 67 more wins as
Protoss against an AI of at least medium difficulty.

Because of this you might want to instead get 100 victories against insane AI
with 50 as one race and 50 as another race if there is one race in particular
you don't want to play with and you're more comfortable controlling what race
you will use against the Insane AI instead of using random. Then you could do
all of your random matches against the medium AI and by the time you get 100
wins using random races you would have approximately 83 wins for each of the
two races you used against the insane AI and approximately 33 matches as the
one race you didn't use against the insane AI. Then you would just need to
finish off the remaining needed wins against medium AI opponents to get the
medium AI Crusher achievement. You don't have to do it this way but it might
be a more comfortable method for people who want to control their race matchup
against the insane AI instead of using random.

Human opponents:

While these strategies probably won't work very well against human opponents
they might work on some inexperienced players who get caught off guard and
haven't had to deal with being rushed before. But for the most part, don't
expect these strategies to work on human players.

Speed victories:

The zerg suicide rush may be the fastest path to victory out of my strategies
but I haven't timed the typical times of each strategy so I don't know for
sure. However, unlike the other strategies, the enemy AI doesn't always
surrender to a zerg suicide rush so you may have to destroy every enemy
building sometimes.

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