Starcraft 2 Insane AI Rushing Guide: Zerg Suicide Rush vs Insane Zerg AI or Insane Terran AI

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Protoss vs Insane Terrain AI or Insane Protoss AI
Terran vs Insane Zerg AI
Zerg vs Insane Zerg AI
Zerg Suicide Rush vs Insane Zerg AI or Insane Terran AI

Zerg Suicide Rush vs Insane Zerg AI or Insane Terran AI

(As far as I can tell this strategy can't be used successfully on insane AI
Protoss but probably would work against protoss on some of the lower difficulty

(This strategy probably isn't a good idea in anything other than a 1v1 fight)

-Just focus on making drones and having them harvest minerals until you have
10/10 supply and wait till you have 200 minerals then immediately build a
spawning pool.

-Create another drone to replace the one morphing into the spawning pool.

-As soon as you have 100 minerals create an overlord.

-Keep harvesting all the minerals you can until the spawning pool is finished.

As soon as the spawning pool is finished quickly start morphing all three of
your larva into zerglings.

-Set the rally point (not the worker rally point) for your hatchery to the
middle of the enemy's base so any further zerglings you make automatically head

-As soon as another larva becomes available morph it into another pair of

-After starting to morph another pair of zerglings select all your drones and
have them return any minerals they've gathered to your hatchery and group them
up near your morphing zerglings.

-Be ready to select all your zerglings and drones as soon as the zerglings from
the first three larva hatch and then send all of them to your enemies base with
the attack command. Using the attack command is important because when your
units get there they will likely encounter at least one enemy military unit.

-While your drones and zerglings are heading to the enemy base morph two more
larva as they become available into more zerglings.

-Just basically kill all enemy units including workers before focusing on
destroying structures and be ready to take control of your additional zerglings
that you started morphing earlier as they arrive to the enemy base. You should
continue morphing zerglings if you have enough minerals.

-Prioritize killing military units before workers and prioritize destroying
structures that provide military units such as a gateway or roach warren before
other structures.

-If you have difficulty killing all the workers that's fine, don't waste too
much time having your units run around chasing workers. If there's only a few
workers left then just ignore them and focus on destroying the most threatening
military building. If you're fighting zerg that would be a roach warren first
and then the spawning pool second. You need to be quick as additional enemy
military units will be produced before you can cripple the enemy's ability to
produce military units.

-In this type of rush don't expect the enemy AI to always surrender so
sometimes you will have to destroy every enemy structure to win.

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