Starcraft 2 Insane AI Rushing Guide: Zerg vs Insane Zerg AI

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Protoss vs Insane Terrain AI or Insane Protoss AI
Terran vs Insane Zerg AI
Zerg vs Insane Zerg AI
Zerg Suicide Rush vs Insane Zerg AI or Insane Terran AI

Zerg vs Insane Zerg AI

(For obvious reasons this strategy won't work against Terran and Protoss
opponents as they won't have creep at their base for you to build upon.)

(For any of the circumstances listed below, after you get a foothold in the
enemy base, you may want to send in two or three more drones to the enemy base
to morph into spine crawlers to help speed up your victory.)

-Just focus on making drones and having them harvest minerals until you have
10/10 supply and wait till you have 200 minerals then immediately build a
spawning pool.

-Create another drone as soon as you can to replace the one morphing into the
spawning pool.

-Wait until that drone is created and then send three drones to the enemy base
and have them create spine crawlers on the enemy creep. Details about where to
build and what to do are listed below based on difficulty level:

[Very Hard]
If you're playing against very hard or less difficulty you should be able to
build your spine crawlers within attack range of the hatchery without the enemy
sending its drones to attack the spine crawlers as they're morphing.

Beating insane zerg with spine crawlers can be tough because the insane AI will
attack the spine crawlers that your drones are trying to morph into. At first
I had to develop two different strategies for using zerg to beat insane zerg
which is why there is an extra section below labeled "Alternate possibility
strategy." As long as you master this first strategy you probably won't have
to perform the strategies listed below that vary based on how the zerg AI could

Have your drones morph into spine crawlers at the edge of the enemy's base to
distance you from the drones that will come to attack. Try to be quick in
getting all three of your drones to start morphing into spine crawlers because
the enemy will come to attack as soon as you start morphing the first one.
Having all three drones selected at once and holding the shift key to place the
locations for all three spine crawlers quickly works well. If you get all
three morphing before the drones are able to attack they may just change their
mind about attacking and head back to gathering minerals making your job easy.
After they finish morphing into spine crawlers, if they aren't close enough to
attack any enemy units you will need to uproot them and have them move closer.
Then just let them do their business till the enemy surrenders.

However, after your drones are morphing, if the enemy drones keep attacking,
you can follow the complicated directions listed below:

Alternate possibility strategy

Cancel morphing into the two spine crawlers that are being attacked by the
largest numbers of drones. (If for some reason only one of your morphing spine
crawlers is being attacked then only cancel morphing that one.)

If you cancel building the spine crawlers the enemy drones sometimes go back to
gathering minerals but sometimes they also attack your drones and you will need
to have your drones run away to survive.

*[(Possibility A) Enemy drones attack your drones]
If the enemy drones try attacking your drones then have your drones run around
in a large circle to keep the enemy drones distracted by chasing your drones
while your remaining spine crawler continues to morph. (If there's a single
enemy drone attacking the spine crawler that is still have morphing in it
should be able to finish morphing but it will have reduced health when it

After your spine crawler finally morphs it should start attacking the drones
that are chasing your drones which should give your drones a chance to start
morphing into more spine crawlers.

*[(Possibility B) Enemy drones attack the remaining spine crawler instead of
chasing your drones]
If this is the case then you can simply get the enemy AI to waste its time that
it could be gathering minerals by doing the following. Cancel the remaining
spine crawler from morphing, when the enemy drones turn around to start
gathering again wait for them to get close to their minerals, then morph in a
spine crawler again, wait for the enemy drones to get close to it again, then
cancel building it, and keep repeating the process while you continue to gain
resources at your base. Some time during this process start creating zerglings
and a couple overlords. Eventually the drones may stop trying to attack your
spine crawler as you morph it. If so then go ahead and start creating all
three spine crawlers. Otherwise you can eventually send zerglings in to take
out the enemy.

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