Starcraft 2 Insane AI Rushing Guide: Terran vs Insane Zerg AI

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Protoss vs Insane Terrain AI or Insane Protoss AI
Terran vs Insane Zerg AI
Zerg vs Insane Zerg AI
Zerg Suicide Rush vs Insane Zerg AI or Insane Terran AI

Terran vs Insane Zerg AI

(A similar strategy can probably be used against insane terran and protoss but
you may have to send an scv to enemy base at 8 supply used instead of 9 to
start building soon enough.)

-At 9 supply used be ready to send your 9th scv to enemy base after it's

-As soon as you send your 9th scv to enemy base start building a supply depot
at your base.

-Keep producing scvs until your scv headed to the enemy base starts getting

-As soon as your scv arrives at the enemy base build a barracks just above the
ramp. If you have to wait a few seconds to get enough minerals to build a
barracks that's fine but if you have to wait any longer than a few seconds you
spent too many minerals on building scvs and need to cancel one or more scvs.

-After barracks is built immediately start training a marine and have your scv
start building a bunker but not too far from the ramp. If you start building
too close to the enemy base before you have any marines inside the bunker the
enemy may attack your defenseless bunker.

-After you start building the bunker que a couple more marines to be trained at
the barracks.

-After the bunker is built have the scv build another barracks and set current
barracks rally point to the bunker and move in the marine that has already been

-Send 3 or 4 scvs from your base to your proxy base outside the enemy base and
make sure all scvs you have at the proxy base have repair set to autocast.

-Keep producing scvs until you have 20 scvs harvesting minerals and don't stop
training marines. Don't forget to keep building supply depots as needed and a
total of four depots should be sufficient.

-If you followed this guide well the zerg will usually attack your first bunker
when you only have two or three marines in it and you need to be ready to have
enough scvs to repair it and to repair eachother.

-Make sure zerg don't get a drone outside their base to build a hatchery at the
nearby expansion area as they may be able to overwhelm you if they can produce
units both from inside and outside their base.

-Keep creeping bunkers filled with marines towards enemy base without too much
spacing between each bunker or the bunker being constructed could be attacked
without any nearby bunkered marines to kill the attackers. Also, try to keep
scvs behind the bunkers that are closest to enemy base as they are likely to be
attacked and will need repairs.

-It may be useful to take a couple marines to try to lure the zerg forces to
your bunkers to keep their numbers thinned. Also, if you get a chance to
attack one of their hatcheries for a couple seconds it should get the attention
of any zerg queens and you can easily lure the queen(s) to be taken out by the
marines in bunkers.

-When you're sure the zerg have no military units or very few military units it
should be safe to unload all your barracks and send all your marines in to
finish off the enemy. You should probably have at the very least 12 marines
before sending your marines in but I usually wait till I have 16 or more.

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