Top 10 Reasons Why GTA 5 Is Better Than GTA 4

The GTA series has come a long way, and each game brought something unique to the table. But while GTA IV was an incredible game, it lacked many features of the previous game, San Andreas. Now GTA 5 aims to bring back those features, and then some. Here are ten ways it's better than GTA IV.


10 - The UI - The new UI in GTA V is great. It's beautiful, crisp and very minimal. I was surprised to see a rectangular minimap instead of the usual circular, by now, we've become quite accustomed to the radar-esque ellipse, so it's a welcome change.

GTA 5 Economy

9 - The Economy - "You will be able to spend money to buy interesting and fun things like expensive toys. We are still working on the economy but it will be a strong element in the game and players will be eager to make money to spend money. Something along the lines of "I went through all of this to make all this money and now I'm going to spend it on this crazy item." - Dan Houser. In GTA IV, there really wasn't anything to spend your money on except some clothes, guns and food. This time around, money will have a real purpose in the game, and you will have a reason to save it.

GTA 5 Customizable Cars

8 - Customization - In GTA IV, the only thing you could customize was your clothes, and even then the selection wasn't that big. GTA V aims to change this by letting you customize everything from your character, to the weapons you're carrying. Characters can now have tattoos, get a haircut, choose from a vast variety of clothes, hats, glasses, etc. Vehicle customization is on a whole other level, as according to Rockstar, there will be "over 1000 car modifications to trick out your rides with". You will be able to upgrade your engine, brakes, suspension, add nitro, and much more. Lastly, weapons can now be customized with silencers, laser sights, extended mags, scopes, and more.


7 - The AI - The AI in the game has been greatly improved. This time around, we will see people waiting for the bus, gardeners working, and pedestrians living their daily lives, with schedules. No more random and boring pedestrians who aimlessly wander the city doing the same thing over and over. Rockstar has also mentioned that there will be five times as many pedestrians in GTA V as there were in GTA IV.

GTA V Characters

6 - Three protagonists - GTA V aims to completely change the standard one main character formula the GTA series has become so accustomed to. This time around you will be able to control three different characters, and each one is unique. You will be able to switch to any character at any time (except during some missions) and switching characters is very fluid as you can see in this video: It will be interesting to experience the game with not just one, but three different characters.

GTA 5 Stats

5 - Character stats - While not everyone enjoyed the stats system from GTA San Andreas where you had to level up skills like driving, shooting, etc, you have to admit it added more replay value and depth to the game. This time around, the stats are back, and it seems like they will play an even bigger role than they did in SA.

For specific missions, it may be better to take a character with the best suited skills. So for example, if the mission requires flying, you would be better off choosing Trevor, as he used to be a former military pilot, and his piloting stats are the highest of the three characters.

GTA 5 Graphics

4 - The graphics - GTA IV had great graphics for its time, but it was plagued by blurry backgrounds, and some other graphical problems. The graphics in GTA V look crisp and clean, and much more improved. This is as good as it gets on the current-gen hardware!

GTA 5 Improved Cops

3 - Improved Cops - Let's face it, cops in the GTA games have been very underwhelming. The biggest problem being that they have some sort of "wallhacks" and when you are fighting them, even if you hide in the darkest corner, they somehow always seem to know exactly where you are. At the same time, getting away from them by car is easy. Take a few turns, park, and they won't be able to find you. GTA V aims to change all of that by changing the wanted system and improving the A.I. of both the cops and the SWAT teams.

This time around there will be a 5 star wanted system instead of the usual 6, you still try to escape a circular zone like in GTA IV, but this time, you can actually hide somewhere while still in the circular zone because the cops have a line-of-sight system where if they don't see you, they will no longer know where you are! Rockstar also mentioned that the SWAT in the game is organized and focused unlike in the previous games, and will be more aggressive as well.

GTA 5 Diving Screenshot

2 - Lots of new features - Overall, GTA V has so many new features over  GTA IV... Dynamic missions, new radial weapon selection system, challenges, mini games, mini heists, multiple endings, improved cover mechanics, world destruction engine, skydiving, vehicle towing, underwater exploration, bounties, and much more. GTA V will have an endless amount of things to do.

1 - The World Size - Liberty City in GTA IV was pretty big, but it lacked variety, the whole thing was just city streets, with no wilderness or anything else to explore. Rockstar has stated that the GTA V world is the biggest they have ever created. There will be a lot of interesting areas to explore ranging from the urban jungle, to the tallest mountains and everywhere in between. You will be able to explore underwater as well, and find treasures hidden deep below the oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.

One more....: No more Roman.

Well there you have it, my top 10 ways that GTA V will be better than GTA IV.

Written by George

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